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adult orthopaedic rehabilitation
Part of physiotherapy based on physical exercises, manual techniques, posture therapy, massage and physical methods which aims to recover the functioning of musculoskeletal system or organ system as ideally as possible. The goal is to help patients return to their normal life and work environment as fast and as effective as possible. Orthopaedic physiotherapy deals with people who have problems with their musculoskeletal system.

up to 40 min - 50 €

Kinesio taping
The purpose of this tape, which has been developed in Japan, depends on the used method and technique. By using the tape it is possible to fixate and stabilize different body structures, affect blood flow, lymph and metabolic processes. While the tape is attached to the body, natural dynamic movement remains.

1 time - 15 €

Sports taping
A special fixing method has been developed to limit and support movement of the injured area. The purpose is to avoid re-injuring the area or to prevent the injury from spreading.

1 time - 15 €

via Skype and e-mail or by telephone

30 min - 30 €