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We are pleased to welcome you in our physiotherapy center!

  • Here you can start, continue and successfully finish your post trauma / post-surgical rehabilitation. Our staff is available to assist you in returning to fully functional and work-related activity as soon as possible. While working closely with your physician, treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. Just because a rehab program indicates you should be able to do something at 6 or 12 weeks, it does not mean this will happen without doing exercise. Experimenting on your own and searching for therapy methods from the Internet cannot ensure your recovery will go as planned.
  • Working together with us will make things easier!

When to visit a physiotherapist?

Doctors and trainers deal with health daily. They have seen a lot of injuries and traumas during the years, they have a lot of experience with it, know how to deal with the situation and know how you can get better faster.

If the doctor has given you a date for the operation it is advisable to prepare for it. The better is the shape of your muscles before the surgery, the faster and with less discomfort can you recover. It is possible that with doing the right exercises you may be able to postpone or even avoid an operation.

To recover from the operation as fast as possible it is highly recommended to start doing the right exercises at the right time. Atrophy, inflexibility of joints caused by inactivity or complications caused by putting too much load on the area can often hinder you from getting better. Also, attention has to be paid to surgical scars.

It takes time and rest for fractures to heal, this will be assured by putting on a cast, using orthosis or keeping the area from moving. As the other parts of your musculoskeletal system are alright, using these parts will help the injured area to heal faster. Special exercises done at the right time guarantee the best post-surgical recovery.

Cast prevents the injured area from moving. Longer period of immobility causes joint stiffness, and after removing a cast the joint has a limited range of motion. Special exercises enable to recover the distance a joint can move, and this will help you to return to your daily activities sooner and with maximum efficiency.

Training experts have said that everyone knows how to train but the one who knows how to recover, wins.

It is important for athletes not to take a pause from training for too long. It is possible to hasten recovery by doing the right exercises and listening to accurate suggestions.

Orthopaedists say that many problems with musculoskeletal system disappear by themselves, i.e. without needing an operation. It is possible to gradually decrease discomfort by improving posture, putting some load on unused muscles and stretching antagonist muscles.

Your body is not made for sitting. It is advisable to keep your body moving during the most active time of the day and to lie down and rest when feeling tired. Long working hours sitting at the desk cause complications that body cannot cope with. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of how to avoid, relieve or improve this kind of situation.